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Turbo Jav – Thomas Petranoff

“We started with APM in 2005 when we were in dire straights. We had mold damage from previous molders and they could not make good parts.  They fixed our moulds, adjusted the plastic to a much better material for our products. We average 27 returns per year for last 10 plus years with sales over 30k units. That is very reliable manufacturing and high quality made in USA”

Advanced Prototypes dedicates itself as a company to serve their customers and always ensure their customer’s individual success. ADP treats each of their customers as more than another name on their list, truly striving and going above and beyond to help in the successes of each.

Tom Petranoff has been working with Advanced Prototypes for 13 years in his business, Throwing Zone Athletics, where making track javelins to give athletes cannot be made with any less than the best possible quality materials. Throwing Zone Athletics has worked with ADP since the beginning of their growing business, and with their help, now sells products to over 60 countries.

“We were in trouble when we met Advanced Prototypes to ask of help. We were behind manufacturing and sales. We were going through tough financial time because of bad manufacturing and bad plastic that kept breaking. It was awful and they juniper in and fixed the molds. Gave me time to pay and get back the sales we were needing to get in the black. They saved our company from disaster. I mean they went way out of there way to help us. My wife and I am deeply grateful for everything they have done. We went from $200k per year to
$600k and growing….Thanks APM!!!!!!!!”

The possibility Tom every strays away from being an Advanced Prototype client is slim to no chance at all. Regarding customer service, he would rate ADP high than a 10 on a 10-point scale. Their customer service and dependability has never proven to be better anywhere else. Advanced Prototypes genuinely cares and works to serve their clients to provide the best possible relationship both personally and professionally.