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Dorn Equipment – Mary Perrotti

“I would recommend A.P. to anyone who needs a hands on, hardworking, honest approach to running their very successful business”

Advanced Prototypes’ customers share a strong relationship between them and the company. It’s a two-way street, according to Mary K. Perrotti, who has been an ADP customer for over 35 years.

Advanced Prototypes has contributed to the continued success of our business.  They have integrity, know-how and the resources that insures the customer (in this case, myself Dorn Equipment Corp) would always be supported by Advanced Prototypes. And likewise we will always support A.P.”

Mary K. Perrotti at Dorn Equipment Corp has been a customer of Advanced Prototypes, and worked closely with the Powell family for over three decades. Partnering with Advanced Prototypes has ensured the Dorn Equipment Corp to receive the highest quality plastic resin for their products, working relentlessly to figure out cost and offering fair price-per-piece.

As an organization that relies on another, as Dorn Equipment Corp does on Advanced Prototypes, it is imperative to facilitate the two-way connection between customer and producer. Thanks to Advanced Prototypes’ engagement with their customers, businesses have grown into holding hundreds of molds and producing high-quality products to their own customer following.

“A.P. President Craig Powell, in the early start up days, took the time to analyze Dorn’s tooling,  schedule repairs and proper placement with other molders if in the event he was unable to make timely delivery or proper repairs in house.  They did a complete analysis of Dorn’s tooling A-Z and recommended to us how we should manage our many related family mold sets. Dorn presently owns 400 active tools.”